Food and Wine


The Vino cotto (“cooked wine”) is a local wine which can be served as a normal table wine, but it is usually served as dessert wine and has a high alcohol content.

The colour varies from red to amber red, the aroma is strong and distinctive, at taste is full-bodied and as dessert wine has a caramel touch. Savoury touch.


The history of cured meats of the Marche region is linked to the sharecropping family, which was used to eating every part of the pig. Much attention was paid to the feeding of pigs based on acorns and mash. This matter is still important and it reflects positively on the quality of cured meats. The slaughtering occurred in winter, when the meat coming from other rural activities was lacking and low temperatures allowed food preservation.

The habit of not wasting any part of the pig and the necessity of using lard gave birth to one of the most famous salami: the Ciauscolo. The types of meat used include pork butt, ham, bacon, loin and lard to which white wine, garlic and pepper are added and then the mixture is stuffed in a small intestine casing.


The traditional stuffed olives filled with a pre-cooked mixture of meat and then fried are a perfect starter and can be served hot or cold. The current recipe dates back to the XIX century and in most cases has a meat filling which was a specialty in rich families. In addition to olives you can taste another regional specialty, fried cremini (fried custard cubes), which can be served as appetizer, or a side dish both for children and adults.

The vincisgrassi are a typical regional dish and according to tradition they were prepared for the Austrian general Windisch Graetz who stood out during the defence of the city of Ancona against the Napoleonic troops in 1779. This tasty main course is a variant of baked pasta, a simple and traditional dish: it is considered the dish of holidays, which is prepared in most important recurrences of the year.

The galantine is another traditional regional product: once deboned chicken and stuffed with a minced mixture prepared with turkey, beef and pork, mortadella cubes, dry-cured and cooked ham, celery, carrots and olives, then it is steamed for about 7 hours. It is a dish to be served cold and with pickles.

The traditional coppa di testa is a tasty dish obtained from a mixture of tongues and lean meats from pig head. The mixture is cooked, cut in chops, seasoned with pistachios, green olives, orange, lemon and various spices, and then stuffed hot.

Local wines include: Falerio, Pecorino and Rosso Piceno.

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