What to visit

Stefania and Annamaria, owners of the structure, will welcome you with warmth and friendliness to give you the necessary information to enjoy the artistic and natural beauties of the territory.

Servigliano is an ideal base for visiting nearby towns rich in history and traditions such as the medieval towns of Fermo (provincial capital), Monte San Martino, Monteleone di Fermo, Penna San Giovanni, Santa Vittoria in Matenano and Falerone. The Sibillini National Park is no more than 30 minutes away by car.


It’s a town located on the right bank of the river Tenna and has a territorial extension of 18.46 square kilometers and a population of about 2,500 residents. The design of the territory has the shape of a leaf with midrib represented by the main road that crosses Servigliano to S.Vittoria, Force, Venarotta and Ascoli Piceno.The coat of arms of the municipality is the winged lion of San Marco in the opposite direction to that of Venice.

The name comes from the ancient Castle of Servigliano, now in ruins. The new center was named Castel Clementino in 1771, the year of its founding, until 1862. Since January 1863 it has resumed its ancient name of Servigliano. The country is divided into three districts: Porta Marina, Porta Navarra, and Santo Spirito. The construction dates back to September 1773.

The new Castel Clementino is one of the most significant examples of “founding town” made ​​in Italy in the late eighteenth century. Its plan organization, based on elementary geometry – an almost perfect square of m.137 and m.144 side – has made it to be compared by the rare scholars who studied it to the ideal city for those models developed by the sixteenth-century treatises.

Main monuments: the Church of “Santa Maria del Piano”, Convent of the “Frati Minori Osservanti”, Collegiate Church of “San Marco”, “Torre Campanaria”, The Gates, “Palazzo Pubblico”, “Palazzo Vecchiotti”, “Palazzo Navarra”, “Case Borghesi”, War Memorial.

Religious tourism, markets in July and August – every Monday evening, festivals, strawberry festival, festival of taste.